How to order

Please order via Whatsapp 
081 777 6891 for Ivenoven Jakarta
0812 939 777 98 for Ivenoven Surabaya
0822 205 777 20 for Zoezobake

I'd love to chat with you instead of just filling formal template order.
Sometime it would be slow response while baking time, but i will reply as soon as i could.

Mention the date, the flavor, the decoration and your color preference.

Please put your order 3-4 weeks before the special day to avoid disappointment.
I believe every dates is important to someone out there, so please do not cancel or change your schedule. :)

Payment is available with BCA and paypal (for overseas customers only to be sent to Jakarta, Tangerang and Surabaya area)

Please do payment confirmation in 24 hours after you receive your invoice, so i could put your order in my schedule.

Thank you