My daily routine

I bake the cake in the morning everyday. Start from 05.00 in the morning, using six mixers, special thanks to KitchenAid Indonesia. Oh, I'm using four big ovens and I still keep the old oven from my mom, the first oven of Ivenoven.

And then at 07.00 I prepare some breakfast for my family, take my kids to school and prepare the cakes to be delivered by the courier on 10.00

Starting at 11.00 until 17.00 I would take my time to sit down and have fun mixing color and make decoration from buttercream or doing some R&D in the kitchen.

Many times, my husband and I only take 30 minutes fast lunch break then continue to decorate the cake until 18.00. Sometimes I have to wrap up at 20.00 if I need to buy some ingredients at the baking store or groceries. Yes, I still do my own groceries shopping :)

In the meantime, I use some little time to answer customer's WhatsApp, so please pardon my late reply :)

It's been a pleasure to do what I love to do every day. However, I always looking forward to have some family time with my kids and husband. So, Saturday night and Sunday would be the perfect time.

Thank God for my awesome team now, together we could decorate up to 18 cakes a day. They are talented pastry bakers from Australia, Philippines, Taiwan and of course from Indonesia.

I love what I do and I do what I love :)