People ask

Where is your delivery area for your cakes?
We only deliver to Jakarta and Tangerang, Indonesia.

Can we hand-carry your cakes when we travel?
Many of our customers have ordered and personally carried the cakes to Bali, Medan, Palembang, Makasar, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and even Australia and Japan.

I live in the United States, can I order your cakes for my family or friends in Jakarta?
Of course! Contact us through WhatsApp chat. Payments can be made through PayPal.

Is it safe to carry the cakes on a motorcycle courier?
90% of our cakes are sub-couriered by company specializing in cakes delivery. There are risks in each delivery whether in cars or even walking, but we always make sure that each cakes are handled with special care for you :)

When is the best time to order my cake?
Depending on the available dates, it is better to order the cakes 3-4 weeks before your special day. We limit our baking to only 18 cakes a day.

Does the price include all the decorations on the cakes?
Yes. However, if you require extra figurines, 3D flowers and flower wreath, double 3D and 3D vines flower, there will be an extra cost.

Do i need to make a downpayment?
All cake orders require a full payment before we put them in the schedule.

Can we order any other flavour than what is listed in your menu?
Every menu in IvenOven is a signature flavour, we value your other preference but we only bake what is available in our menu.

Is there a cake suitable for people with diabetes?
All of our cakes are baked with less sugar, also we have Gluten free - Diabetic friendly.

How long does a cake lasts?
A cake should be consumed within 3 days, with refrigeration.

Do you make fondant cake?
No, i just make buttercream cake simply because i love to eat buttercream :)

Can you share your cake or buttercream recipe?
I believe there are different ingredients supplies in different country, such as Wysman butter, etc. and different preference in taste and flavor too. I suggest you to find better input from your local baker.

What number of tip do you use?
I use custom tip, without brand or number and some Wilton tip.

Do you open classes for baking or cake decorating?
I would rather call it sharing my experience and story instead of teaching the skills. You may email me if you would like to host me in your country :)

Thank you