Christmas time is here

Christmas is the most exciting moment for me. 

When I was just a little girl, maybe about 9 or 10 y.o, I used to watch Home Alone movie on Christmas. Through this film, my little me had a little dream about snowy day when Christmas came. I always wondered about winter wonderland in New York.

However, I never told about this little dream to everyone, including to my parents. I never had the guts to ask them to go to USA and celebrate Christmas there. I don’t even know why I’d never ask them about this.

Then i forgot about it.

Until October 2017, in front of Flatiron building in New York, i was so overwhelmed with joy. I couldn't stop my eyes from welling up with tears. The dream do comes true.

However, I realize that Christmas is not just about presents, food, doing fun things. Christmas is not only a day to be celebrated with snow and winter wonderland, which is actually, not happen in my hometown in Indonesia.

For me, Christmas is also a perfect moment to count the blessings, favors and miracles, and share them to other people. The deepest thing I have learned is that I am able to experience the joy of Christmas by doing things with love because I am first loved by God. I am the reason He came to this earth.

We are.

Do you know that the very beginning process of Ivenoven was in the midst of Christmas season. 4 years ago before establishing Ivenoven, I remember that I made batches of Christmas cookies by myself from scratch, from the dough, bake them in the oven, cooling down and decorate with Christmas theme icing, waiting again till the icing dry, and store them in the jars, and packed them in Christmas bags. I had no idea how much time I found myself on bed at 11 or 12 pm. 

It was a long journey to make the cookies very special and yet, I was still excited on the next day to continue another batches of Christmas cookies.
This is not a coincidental moment of Christmas, but Ivenoven is a Christmas miracle that happened in my life. I will never forget this moment that made me always be thankful for every single miracle given, not only in Christmas, but also every day in my life. Ivenoven have brought a lot of changes in my family and, especially myself. At the same time, Ivenoven gives me an opportunity to share the love of Christmas to many people by baking and decorating cakes and cookies with love. 

It is almost Christmas now. 
It's the perfect time to be grateful and share the blessing to other people. 
Have a merry joyful Christmas to you!