Premium Ingredients

My mother has a big passion for making classic cakes at home. She baked a lot of cakes such as bolu lapis Surabaya (spikoe), bolu marmer (marble cake), chiffon cake, and many more. Her passion for home baking contagiously fills my heart with love of baking too.

However, not only the passion of her that fills my heart. She treated every cake she baked in special way, started from the very basic ingredients and material. My mother used free-range eggs directly from the egg-breeder family farm, they have become my mom’s good friend until now. Even they used to reserve the best eggs for my mom. 

Little tips from my mom; she has her own storage to keep the eggs then, she marks each batch of eggs by dates to know which eggs that she would use first. So, the cake tasted so good and people could recognize the difference. As we know free-range eggs are more expensive than bulk eggs, but my mom never compromise with quality especially for her own family. I will never forget what she said to me, “Never sacrifice quality for profit. Even if you have to cost much money for that.” 

I value her advices and i learn to respect the ingredients from people like Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White or Nigella Lawson. All those informations always encourage me to use the best ingredients available to serve my customers, and to savor their family or closest friends. I choose the ingredients by myself, the brand, even though I have to go to outside Indonesia only to get certain material ‘just’ to guarantee the quality on track.

Each cake made in Ivenoven’s kitchen always served with premium ingredients, as myself could recognize those artificial ingredients whenever I taste store-bought cakes, so I choose to use only natural and premium ingredients. I use pure vanilla extract or natural vanilla bean, instead of using clear vanilla essence. I had never use any cake stabilizer or emulsifier. Surely, it’s more expensive but it’s more legit and healthier for my family and of course for you too, isn’t it?

"Best ingredients always win."
I learn that from cook TV shows. And it’s true.

Sooner or later, someway somehow people could taste the difference. And i’m sure that they will agree with me, to bake with love, using the best ingredients you could find, especially for your family and beloved ones.