Customers are not king

Customers are FRIENDS.

This is what we believe in Ivenoven, based on what we have experience for 4 years. I believe that it’s one of God’s favor for us that He sends so many good customers who become our friends, many of them are our good friends until now. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to serve you well as the customers. But we would like to give our best to you as our friends instead.

As a customer, people have a lot of expectation for the cake. You might order cakes to your mom, dad, sister, husband or wife, or other persons special for you. That’s why, as your good friend, we will carefully listen to all your requests and questions asked. But, sometimes, honestly saying, I am not a genie in the bottle who able to make all your wish come true. However, i still more than willing to give the best out of us.

There are some cases, there are customers who determine every decoration they want exactly, precisely just like ‘dictating’ me. For instance, “I just want a simple decoration with 3 red roses, 4 navy blue peonies, 5 deep pink orchid, and put more purple flowers and colors, and please make it beautiful I trust you.” Or the other case was, “I want a simple cake, just simple hand-painted Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tiger altogether in front of Eiffel tower.”

I guess we have different understanding about ‘simple’ decoration, or even a ‘trust’, don’t you think so?

But thank God for a lot more customers who really give me freedom to create. Let me explore with the creativity and imagination, and express it on the cake because each decoration is a result of long term hardwork and serious thought with a lot of consideration. And i believe all students will say Amen. Hahahaha.

There are also some customers who request cake flavors or other combination that are not listed on our menu. Some asked to make the cake less sweet or put more chocolate, even before they try the cake. Thank you for your input, but it is my responsibility to present you the cake with well-balanced flavor combination, that is why every cake listed on the menu have been going through strict test and selection. 

My husband always said, “in the land of spiku and lapis surabaya, you should make different and better cakes.” 

We started Ivenoven 4 years ago, from baking for our friends only. And i will keep that values. I want the best for you, my friends. And thank you so much, i do appreciate your trust so we can expand our creativity and do the best to make the best cake for each of you.

Because it’s always wonderful, for me, to hear “Just do whatever you want, I trust you.”