Hand painted decoration

If you scroll down the first Ivenoven’s feeds on Instagram, you can find that usually I just decorated the cake with flowers whether it’s 2D flowers or 3D flowers, until one day, there was a customer who showed me a picture of cake with Disney character as the decoration and requested me to make the similar cake for her daughter’s birthday. 

I wasn’t sure at first to accept her request, since I always put our customer's satisfaction as priority, so I told her to order fondant cake. But she told me that she only wanted Ivenoven’s cake, and she convinced me and give me freedom to do in buttercream style, and the most important thing is she trusted us.

There is always first time for everything, right? 
So, for the first time in my life that time, I made the character decoration in 2D with my signature buttercream, and I guess you expect me had an awesome result instantly, right? No, no, my first character decoration with buttercream takes patience, and long hours of work, because I had to try and re-do it again and again for 3 or 4 times, until my husband agree that it’s decent enough to be delivered to customers. 

And you know what? The customer’s response blew our mind, I was like, Gosh, all our hard work, had the cake decorated 3-4 times back and forth was worth it. There were positive responses from my friends, from other customers and from the Instagram followers. We received so many requests about this kind of decoration, some we decorated using brush to make it more unique and authentic then we call it hand-painted character.

There is always room for creating and improving.

For me, character decoration whether using brush or piping tips both are challenging. I need to stretch my patience to give detail to be similar as the real one. But on the other hand, I prefer not to do exactly the same as previous, even it should be better.

Sometimes, it is more challenging if customer expects some characters decorations which are too imaginative. There are some expectations that can’t be done. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to accept the request or input, no, not at all. Deeply, I always value what you dream about your special cake. But, we just want to give our best for our customers. 

Not many people understand that doing character or hand-painted design require more hours of hard work and accuracy. Sometimes it takes 3-6 hours to make character decoration for just 1 cake. If there are more than 6 cakes with character design request, now you can do the math how long we are gonna finish all of them. Hahahaha

Thank you for reading.

And thank you for your trust, for giving me a room that I need, to create and to improve. I realize that Ivenoven’s decoration is much better and more unique day by day because of your trust.