The Dahlia

Dahlia is one of the flowers which has various species. There are about 42 species of Dahlia flower. Even they are in the same genus, each species of Dahlia flower has different color and shape. So, there always be reasons to fall in love with Dahlia flower. 

Truly, Dahlia flower is my favorite flowers, it has a special place in my heart.

Well, the flower itself, usually symbolize as creativity and alteration. So, in my opinion, the characteristic of Dahlia flowers are strongly related to something unique, authentic and remarkable.

Unique. Authentic. Remarkable.

Those are three words that totally describe the values within each cake made in our kitchen. One cake, indeed, has a very different character with other cakes.

Sometimes, I met customers who requested us to make exactly the same decoration with our previous decoration that Ivenoven has posted on social media. Honestly, it's almost impossible to copy the same work, even 99% similar, eventhough it was our own work. Because all decorations are handmade, not a machine-made. The form of the flowers, the number of petals, the quantity of total flowers included on the cake, even the colors of the decoration cannot be exactly the same. 

It was made at different time, with different mood, and different progress. Some picture in the Instagram was taken in the PAST, maybe about 2-3 months ago, and the TODAY’s of ourselves has learnt more, has some better idea, has seen new inspiration, has some magical color scheme in our mind. And i’m pretty sure that in the FUTURE would have the next level of us.

And i will be like dancing everytime some customers trust me to create something new, something that is “very me” and they give me total freedom to create anything i want. Yeay!

The point is Ivenoven always try to add more values to each cake produced from our kitchen. We always wonder to provide a very special cake for each customer of ours. 

Because each of you is way too special, just like a Dahlia flowers for me.