The road less travelled

Easy things can be done by most people, but only a few who bold enough to choose the tough one. The road less travelled, you need to face many challenges and issues, not many people choose this path, and in fact this path is not for everybody. 

It’s good to have all environment well provided and high end tools, but if you don’t have that luxury, you still can start from where you are, with what you have. 

There are many reasons not to continue what we have started when we face the tough situation. But I am grateful that He gives me strength to never quit, He sent many good people - I call them God’s sent angel - they support me from the very beginning until now. He opens many opportunities so I could continue until now.

Every cake from the oven of Ivenoven was created after a long process. From finding the right recipe until finished products. There are many recipes from thousands sources that can be my references, but I never used it exactly like what is written in the recipes. I have to sort out some ingredients because I never ‘trust’ the recipe 100%, doesn’t mean to disrespect of the creator of the recipe, but I choose not to imitate or copy-paste it. Some ingredients are not available in Jakarta, or uncommon taste for people in this area.

My husband always said that every place has their own preference, taste bud, culture and different ingredients.

So I explore, modify, adjust, trial and error, blind taste test until I found my own preferred composition. In my case, i would make recipe that is suitable for most Indonesian. I will modify it into 3-4 different versions. Then, choose the best among them.

I’m blessed with some trusted people as the judge, who would give me advice and challenge as well. So, I can guarantee that those-hard-to-please-judges will pick the most pleasant cake for Ivenoven’s menu. Of course.

We started with 2 flavors, and now Ivenoven and Zoezobake have more than 25 cake flavors. And the process in creating or inventing cakes to another flavor become important part of developing Ivenoven.

Sounds easy?

For sure, there is no such magical pixie dust to bring in the perfect recipe in the blink of an eye or making it done just in one night.

“Hard work will beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

There is no shortcut for the perfect result. I need to do many extra miles. And do it more often. Again and again.

Tiring? No.

Because this is what I love, what I am passionate about. And I am cordially willing to give more time and effort to share my love for all of you. That is what i call bake with love.