Our Signature Buttercream

There are so many questions on social media asking, “What icing do you use?” or “Is that buttercream?” “Is that fondant?”
The one and only answer is buttercream, I am using buttercream, just buttercream.

So why am I using Buttercream to decorate the cake?
The answer is as simple as this. I love to eat buttercream since i was a little girl.

I feel like the old memories come up every time people ask me about that “why” questions. I remember that for a long time ago, most of classic cakes were just decorated with buttercream, other icing such as fondant, gum paste were not so popular back then. So, I have tasted, enjoyed buttercream since I was a little girl. The birthday cake was also seen so special with a simple decoration of buttercream. 

In a nutshell, buttercream has sweetened my childhood times, no wonder how much I have fallen in love with buttercream since then. My love for buttercream propels me to share this pleasure for everyone; especially with love. 

Of course, I want to obtain the perfect taste and texture to make beautiful decoration as well. With our consistency to keep up the quality, the taste and the texture, Ivenoven may deliver toothsome buttercream. Delicious inside and beautiful outside.

I have received so many comments from my customers saying, usually when they order buttercream cakes, they used to wipe away all the icing before they eat the cake. But when they try Ivenoven’s cake, they finish all the cake with the buttercream without any leftover. Even for some people who don’t like to eat cake, they could finish more than one slice of cake at once.

Yes, my purpose at the first place is I always want to share the pleasure of the buttercream to many people, but at the same time I also wonder about the nostalgic moment of my customers that may appear in every bite of Ivenoven’s cake, or maybe, it can be a sweet moment for the youngsters so they will have the similar sweet memories as mine.

Buttercream, which is used to decorate in every cake in my kitchen, is a result after long process of trial and error for months, since I believe when I stop learning, it means I stop growing, and from my experience there is no such one perfect buttercream for everything. 

I tried many kinds of buttercream, from classic American buttercream, Swiss meringue, Italian meringue, buttercream, whipped buttercream and Indonesian buttercream using Indonesian produced ingredients. Each buttercream has its own characteristic, and it’s not easily suit in all countries, which ingredients, climate, weather and taste preference have become main factors. 
People might take these issues as obstacles, but I see it as a disclosure one to another inventive product, while I am able to use different kinds of buttercream for many kinds of buttercream flowers. With creativity, you always see challenges as opportunities.

It’s my pleasure to know how our customers enjoy every single bite of Ivenoven’s cake as a whole, because they could taste our fullness of love and joy within those bites. And may the cakes recall and create your sweet memories for you and your family.