She taught me a lesson

And the story begins..
There is a woman, a home-baker. She run her own business from the very ground floor. The initial assets that she had when she started her own business, was just a small mixer and a small oven in her own kitchen. But for her the most important assets that she got, was the supports from many people in her inner circle. She moved from one phase to another phase of her business, through ups and downs, with determination, perseverance and hard-work.

Until one day, she dreamed about expanding her business. She had a wish of buying a new professional mixer. Gratefully, her business was running very well day by day so she could save some profits from it to make her wish come true. After much time saving money, finally she could afford a new mixer, a professional mixer! 
Hard-work works for her wish.

But did she really buy a professional mixer in the store that day? 
Surprisingly, she didn’t.
She gave up all those profits that she saved, she gave up every sweat that dropped from her own hard-work every day. She traded-off all her money, just like all of it, for Ivenoven’s decorating courses in Sao Paolo to improve herself, to never miss any opportunity to learn something new, because for her, expanding a business is not only about bigger equipment you have in the kitchen, but about the bigger willingness to learn, to be better.

I was like….speechless, no word could even come down from my mouth and I just wanted to hug her at that time, immediately. For me, her story is not just a story, there were so much energy that transferred directly to me from an ordinary woman with extraordinary personality, extremely humble. She didn’t talk too much while in the courses, she didn’t show off her eagerness but by her result we all knew that she really paid attention on every detail of the lesson. And, fyi, to have a chance to meet a person like her made my tiredness after 30hrs flight from Jakarta-Brazil just flew away.

She is special. 
Not because she paid my courses but there was lesson that I learned from her. Some people may say that giving up is hurting and miserable but from her I learn that giving up can be very well-turned because, we can grow deeper inside, we can get a new perspective that we’ve never gotten before.

I believe there is another plan, a very beautiful plan, that will make us realize there are lots of wonderful blessings that we have not see yet. Everything you give up at first will be replaced with beauty and bliss.

I’m pleased to give my time, to leave my kids, my business in Jakarta and Surabaya to learn together with you. I want to share some part of our life, our love and passion, our values and whole things, and i also learn from everyone in the class. I hope that every penny, time and effort that we spent will worth more than we think. I am super excited to see you personally in my next classes. 

No, no, not a class, I better call it as a life sharing session.